vSphere 6.5 was just released – PowerCLI on Linux and macOS

Long time no see!

Something happened that I was longing for for years: VMware is really trying for independence from Microsoft Windows.

The new vSphere 6.5 was just announced: blog.vmware

Bringing in its wake several awesome features I will try out in the next couple of weeks:

  • All new HTML5 only Webinterface without the need for plugins.
  • Migration Installation allows you to turn a Windows vCenter Server into a vCenter Server Appliance (Linux)
  • The Update Manager is now fully integrated into the Linux Appliance

PowerCLI on Linux and Mac? PowerCLI Core

This sounds to good to be true:

  • Using all the CMDlets from the Windows Version on Linux and Mac
  • No change needed in any scripts.

There is one small caveat, though: You still need Microsoft Powershell, which is now officially supported for Mac and Linux, too: Powershell for every system

Times are good for Admins using Mac or Linux as Desktop, yeah.

All the best,



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